Can Bitcoin clear up poisonous waste?

Some new gamers within the crypto house are utilizing bitcoin mining to scrub up poisonous waste. So is it potential to “inexperienced up” bitcoin’s soiled observe document? Can mining digital forex ever truly be good for the atmosphere?

We’re destroying our surroundings at an alarming price. But it surely would not must be this manner. Our new channel Planet A explores the shift in the direction of an eco-friendly world — and challenges our concepts about what coping with local weather change means. We take a look at the large and the small: What we will do and the way the system wants to vary. Each Friday we’ll take a really world take a look at the right way to get us out of this mess.

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Reporter: Amelia Martyn-Hemphill
Video Editor: Nils Reinecke
Supervising Editor: Malte Rohwer-Kahlmann

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0:00 Intro – What’s up with bitcoin’s soiled observe document?
0:58 How do you “mine” bitcoin?
1:48 Crypto’s environmental influence & vitality consumption
3:11 Producing bitcoin from poisonous waste
4:27 Find out how to clear up Pennsylvania’s GOB piles
5:51 Mining Bitcoin with inexperienced vitality
6:08 HODL Ranch needs to assist steadiness Texas energy grid
7:20 “Proof of labor” vs “proof of stake” cryptocurrencies
8:02 Blockchain expertise to offset your carbon footprint
8:44 carbon credit score tokens allow you to put money into the rainforest
9:59 Conclusion

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  1. No matter how you look at it, crypto currency just requires an awful lot of energy in the short and long term. The shear fact that it uses as much energy as a country like Thailand. Yet so many people jump on the crazy band wagon. Just like the tulip mania in Europe around a 400 years ago.

  2. Will cryptocurrency undermine the traditional markets that savers have invested money in for paying their children's college tuition and retirement nest eggs. These things are serious and governments must protect common citizens from rich folks play things.

  3. No I am not buying any, nor will I, nor should anyone. They are a terrible currency as far as currencies go, both unstable in value and possessing a built in supply ceiling resulting in an eventual use collapse. But more importantly, they are horrifically energy wasteful in a period when we need energy to be efficiently distributed into new uses in large industries like transportation, heating, and industry. Any excess energy should be stored, eventually in part as hydrogen, or used to power carbon capture and sequestration projects. Stay the hell away from cryptocurrencies, our economy, oir civilization, and our lives may depend on it.

  4. In a world were we need to turn carbon neutral by 2050 or WE ALL FUCKING DIE, any emision is terrible. And carbon credit doesn't do anything, Exxon push that ''solution'' foward to justify their actions.
    Fuck crypto. Destroying the planet for an illusion of wealth…

  5. As a recent Chainanalysis explains this problem: Bitcoin will use 100% renewable energy when the world energy consumption will come from 100% renewable consumption

    The fact is that the whole Bitcoin mining takes up 0.08% of energy consumption – which can be a rounding error

    While I can’t deny that crypto used a lot of cheap coal to mine, this is not a problem that can’t be solved. Also the waste from mining rigs is not that high, there are the S9 Antminers in use which are around from 2016, so more than 12-18 months.

    Here are some facts,

    – a swipe of card is not all there is in monetart transaction, check how much visa, mastercard and other monetary branches consume
    – the coal electricity can be solved by policies from the government, making it more costly instead of cheaper

    Bitcoin miners are profit focused – so they will go anywhere there is cheap energy ( usually renewable )

    We should take a look at all the other industries which consume energy as bitcoin consumes only 4x the energy required to print the money, think about all the steps that consume energy- visa transfer consumption per total is around 740 Gigajoules alone

  6. Sorry, but all these solutions are terrible ideas and do not make much sense except the change to proof of stake. Otherwise is just lots of wasted energy that could be used for more useful purposes

  7. This is absolute fucking propaganda. Blockchain might have other uses but cryptocurrency is pointless, we’ve gone ages without it and it’s just a giant speculative pyramid scheme. Any carbon offsets used for cryptocurrency could be applied to any of the countless other polluting activities we do as a society.

  8. How do we know that the green funds are are actually being used to save trees. Is there a certification and auditing process to confirm???

  9. Cryptocurrencies are based on distrust between individuals, that's why they don't use money created by democratic governments, and that end creating the classical problem of the tragedy of the commons without any enforcement system to save a common good like the climate.

  10. What about banning bitcoin completely. Isn't this equal to the "cloak of human rights and democracy" Use RE for bitcoin and not using RE for other daily necessity? Created problem then throw the problem to others and later find a way to solve a small portion of the problem to verify and qualify the problem. Isn't it like those countries that have huge problem with their trash just create a way to solve small portion of it by recycling it by exporting the trash to other country like China (before they banned it and now the problem goes to South East Asia and Latin American) then blame these receiving countries that helped them with their trash problem for polluting the environment and climate issue……

    To all these "self righteous", Holier than thou, I'm more supreme, finger-pointing maggots please wake up and be a decent human. First realize your own problem, make changes to correct your mistake and stop blaming others for your problem

  11. wasting energy on finance is always going to be a loss even if it uses clean energy. The same clean energy could be powering something useful like a medical robot or an electric car. Financial innovation is almost always a bad thing for the common man and the environment.

  12. One could also… Make hydrogen for heavy industry like cement & steel (16% of co2 emission currently) from surplus solar / wind rather than making heat with mining

  13. With respect, this documentary is truly a piece of crap! It starts by stating that cryptocurrency is using lots of electricity. That’s correct, and it’s caused by the blockchain technology that at this point only serves the greediness of people. So, the solution is simple: stop using cryptocurrency, stop accepting it as something that can be converted to actual money or value, and limit the blockchain technology to areas where it is of real benefit. Everything else, as presented in this video, is greenwashing of some sort. Utter nonsense!

  14. This entire crypto green narrative is a complete fabrication that the media just can’t resist. It is a blatant attack on a new industry by the incumbents, who strategically manipulated the narrative to politicize a disruptive technology that threatens their business model. It’s a story. Guess what, every industry uses energy! Mining, for example, especially Gold, uses more energy than BTC. Finance have buildings with concrete and steel, and they use electricity and servers, and they have employees who are responsible for emissions. And on and on. Agriculture, and aviation are totally ignored. No military on earth has the intention of decarbonizing, and the US military is responsible for a significant carbon footprint. I value the biosphere more than anything, and I understand we have to curb our consumption dramatically or risk disaster. BUT emissions have never ever gone down, the rate of increase has increased, we subsidize fossil fuels, and drive single passenger vehicles and eat beef, and clear cut forests, and ship goods all around the world. We build coal plants, invest in oil, encourage spending and growth. So why is one lonely sector or emerging technologies the focus? When and if we reduce emissions, fair distribution of cost will be determined based on objective criteria. Focusing on one industry, that happens to be used by a younger, and marginalized generation is doing propaganda for commercial banks! Plus many crypto dont require mining, BTC is mobile and often uses surplus energy, or sets up in places with geothermal or hydro electricity. Plus, a decarbonized future is likely to be dematerialized, as digital goods don’t deplete resources like the industrial economy. (other than yes devices and energy). Journalism is smarter than this and better than this. Instead of crypto allegedly not being green, investigate why the energy transition is being sabotaged by the pillars of wealth and power. Here is the trillion dollar secret, GHG emissions are tightly correlated to GDP, and these cannot be “decoupled”.

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