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  1. I don't trade, I invest in a crypto company that trades for us and returns profits on weekly basis for me and you can invest your capital and get weekly Returns of investment (ROI) without any extra fees attached to it

  2. I've never understood this notion that "only 5-7 crypocurrencies are going to survive." The only way I see that happening is if world governments come together to allow a select few cryptos and ban all others or make it extremely hard for any other cryptos to be legal by placing artificial wealth barriers in place preventing adoption of other cryptos. So essentially the only groups that will be able to create a cryptocurrency will be the super rich. I think this will have a negative impact on cryptos and will only further entrench the wealth gap. I think you're always going to see altcoins following the overall market, however. I don't see that changing soon. So what will be the catalyst for all other cryptos going offline vs cryptos that are mass adopted? Whether or not a crypto survives should be based on its utility, or lack thereof. So a token for say, a video game with an in-game economy, could theoretically be worth a lot if enough people play that game. Gaming is primed for crypto, we just haven't seen the first major crypto game yet.

  3. Realistically and unbiasly speaking, Bitcoin is NOT accepted everywhere and lets not let our obsession over it persuade us to believe it is easy to use yet. It is not. And none of us want to use it either. You cant go into a corner store and pay with bitcoin, or a strip club. We have to realize, and I see this alot in the Crypto community which comprises of many wealthy or privileged people who are unaware or not used to underclassed, or uneducated, or people of low income… or ever have stepping a foot in the hood or a tiny miserable country town in bumble F nowhere… but we have to realize that if somehow they said tomorrow that btc was going to be our new dollar and that us dollar bills were worthless there WOULD be a crime-filled revolution. We're all trying to make sense of this technology and we are all at least on some level a bit greedy, but the reality is that it's not that simple right now I personally know old people who have no interested in using a computer or a cell phone other than to call someone. Let's respect simplicity.

  4. Mark Cuban should watch a Windows NT tutorial from 1993. He would have the same questions: Who will use this "tech," What's the point, What language are they speaking, Isn't there an easier way to make my life miserable which doesn't involve buying a computer, etc. It's cool that the nerds followed their vision and didn't care what anybody said!

  5. Remember when Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, labeled bitcoin a ‘fraud’ and threatened to “fire in a second” any of his traders caught buying bitcoin, because “It’s against our rules and they are stupid.”

    After he made those comments, bitcoin dropped about 22% , and some of the biggest buyers on that weakness were JPMorgan traders out of London. Afaik, none of those traders were fired.

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    Mark Cuban wants poor ig’nant peeps to stay in fiat so they can lose money slowly without realizing it. In the meantime, he’s buying more bitcoin at relatively low prices.

  6. Question. Why bother trying to spend so much money on ETH just to stake it when you don’t need A specific amount of coins to stake on other platforms. And possibly make even more percentage wise staking on those other platforms. With that being said I don’t see the point of spending so much money trying to get the 32 ETH. Not to mention with it sitting around $200 at the moment. You have much greater odds making far more gains in the other coins that also offer staking.

  7. Bitcoin is difficult the first time you transact it. It’s a learning process. But it’s not hard to learn But hey, Learning to walk is difficult the first time you try that too!

  8. Serious question, why doesn't TMI mention the coins that he believes will survive? He says a hard 7. I can guess 4 of them (BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA) but no the others. He used to make videos talking about altcoins but he hasn't in a while, why? I sub to this channel to pick his brain, why would he not share with us his thoughts?

  9. I know 4 billionaires (none in finance)….. none of them have bitcoin or talk to me about crypto. They are just not bothered. When you have that much money other things are more interesting..

  10. If I was Cuban I wouldn't tell anybody about my Bitcoin either and especially my Monero. O'Leary is his buddy so he can't admit it and why should he? The feds would be all over him.

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