Bitcoin vs Gold vs Fiat Money

On this video we evaluate the traits of cash between Bitcoin, Gold, and Fiat.

If you happen to watched my earlier video speaking about “What’s Money and How Does it Work?” then you’ll admire the breakdown and comparability of Bitcoin, Gold, and Fiat.

There are strengths and weaknesses of every one in all these asset sorts, however after doing hours of analysis I believe we are able to see which property checks essentially the most containers for purest or most sound type of cash.

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  1. Cash is not Durable not cuz it can get eaten. That sounds so moronic.
    It’s cuz of INFLATION why it’s jot durable.

    I wish YouTube didn’t remove the dislike button

  2. Bitcoin is not stored on your wallet, be it physical or sw. It is stored on the blockchain. Only the key to an address is stored on the wallet. So as long as there is Internet, and miners, bitcoin is very durable.

  3. Marko , Marko, sunce moje zarko :))) da citiram pesmu. Video sam komentar na videu iz svlacionice Srbije , u LIsabonu sinoc 🙂 A ko nije preziveo one nule sa novcanica iz SCG "aka srbija i crna gora" taj ne zna za sto se rodio 🙂 Pozdrav sa Floride !

  4. Good video, however I disagree with the portability factor of gold. You mentioned that Fiat is very portable because it can be stored on cards etc. But gold (or the value of gold) can be in the form of dollars (going back to the Gold Standard).

  5. I did some calculations a few years ago based on the US debt clock about what the value of gold & silver would be if they were valued as money the same as they were in 1913. I got +$10 000 for gold and $800 for silver (both probably higher now). That means that silver coins the size of dimes could be enough to buy anything you could possibly want from the grocery store, and a couple stacks of gold coins (a couple pounds in weight) would be enough to buy a house. So, gold and silver aren't portable for millionaires wanting to move to a tax-free haven, but they are totally portable for every possible need of the average person. It is just less convenient to count coins and give change than swipe your credit card. But this means that gold and silver for small transactions are not any less portable than fiat bills and change. Gold/silver/copper were used to as money for thousands of years for everything from buying land to buying bread. So, obviously they are divisible enough for everyday needs. Probably it will be rare in the future to have need of only 1 satoshi. So I think they should have given gold a moderate score for both portability and divisibility.

    Fiat has low established history because although there have been many fiat currencies, none of them have ever lived much longer than a person.

  6. This is actually so much fun learning, especially from you Marko, you're a great teacher! So, here's what I'm learning from this video – invest in crypto money, then gold; paper money is losing its value. Please let me know if I am correct. Thank you! Blessings to you all!

  7. Don't fully understand crypto currency but I can tell ya that current currency is fishy and filthy and definitely not backed by gold anymore. No why in hell with all the transactions that go on in just a minute more money has appeared. Especially when you have things going on with taking money and lending it go another person just to lend that money to someone. It's just insane

    If crypto does become future, just curious of how it will be backed and what sets the price. Especially if it's at a global level. Cause once fiat money is gone. What happens. Then the big question is what will happen if power or internet goes out? What about what already happens when major miner companies lose power or completely get shut down because of the government?

  8. The absolute most important trait of money was purposely left off his list. That trait is stability. To have value currency must be absolutely stable. Gold used to be stable because it had a set price. A USD $100 bill will have the same value in goods a month from now or even a year from now. Bitcoin is completely unstable, you never know what it's going to be worth tomorrow let alone a month from now. And it will always be that way. So Bitcoin as money or currency is useless.

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  10. Major central banks are all creating their own cryptocurrencies. When this happens, they will push governments to make all other cryptocurrencies illegal, claiming these "counterfeit" cryptocurrencies are used for drugs and crime. It's going to happen. It's only a matter of time. Physical gold and silver are the only safe real currencies.

  11. Gold is Fiat! And not scarce anymore , I am not crazy.
    Listen carefully
    Because Gold is owned by government central banks, So they will never let the price of gold run high, because it will be a great asset to own , and people will stop saving in local currencies.
    Governments hold gold and sell gold certificates, or as I call it , “fiat gold.” So gold in the market is basically fiat, if the price goes up , they print more certificates,
    On average 1 onz of real gold has more than 7 owners in paper.
    They have destroyed its scarcity nature.
    So gold is basically , a kidnapped asset. It is not interesting to own , it will never be. It will never skyrocket.
    Gold is not democratic and accesible to every one.
    Gold worked in the past , but in the scheme of modern life it is dull boring and and not safe place to store value unless , you want your value depreciated by real asset inflation

  12. Great concept, but the table is obviously biased toward bitcoin. Censorship resistant is not high, should be moderate or maybe even low. Highly dependent on internet, government can very easily pull the plug on it. And why would openly programmable be relevant to anything except for bitcoin?
    Secondly, it's wrong to assign gold only moderate scarcity for gold. Yes more may always be found, but it's pretty scarce all things considered. Meanwhile new (and possibly better) cryptos are popping up all the time.
    Also bitcoin isn't as decentralized as many people would like to believe. It's very dependent on the miners and programmers running the network. Also, something like the top 2% of wallets own 95% of bitcoin. And to attack your point about central banks hoarding gold. They don't really hold THAT much in terms of all the gold that's ever been mined, like less than 20% collectively.

  13. Gold is not an investment! … it's a hedge against inflation and economic crisis …
    Gold gives us our only chance at a system of sound money – BTC has no teeth in a "system-down" scenario and that's where we're headed! …
    There is another danger to all these institutions piling into BTC … eventually, large institutions can and will collude to control the price … the BTC fanatics seem to know nothing of this!

  14. What is bitcoin backed by?. Every fiat currency is backed by the government issuing it. The tax payers take the burden to support that currency. What if lets say some govt wants to block the bitcoin ? I hear India is banning bitcoin. All other aspects of bitcoin holds very well.

  15. Inflation is good. Hyperinflation is bad. Deflation is worse. That's why bitcoin will never succeed as a currency. Money isn't "printed"; it's created through loans and constrained by bank profitability. Without the expansion of money through capital lending, economies can't grow. Bitcoin can't support capital economies, for that reason. And the increasing value of bitcoin can't support economic expansion either, because people are disincentivised to purchase goods and services when they know that if they wait, they will be able to buy more later; i.e., bitcoin is deflationary.

  16. Gold and silver. The only problem with it is that the prices have always been manipulated and kept from reaching their true value in fiat currency. Bitcoin has been called "digital gold," and I truly suspect that gold's price is somewhere in bitcoin's ball park. The problem with bitcoin is that I believe is a trojan horse to complete monetary surveillance.

  17. if it's necessary, the government can confiscate the hard earned gold you have and there's nothing you can do about it. this alone shows how the whole system, not only economic system but the governments aswell is actually really really bad.

  18. It is incorrect to perceive a gold-based monetary system as a bunch of people carrying gold coins around. Real gold is deposited in gold warehouses which issue paper gold certificates to depositors. Each of these certificate can redeem gold and therefore isn't fiat. It can even go digital as long as each unit is fully backed by real gold. With this arrangement there is no problem of portability and divisibility.

  19. This is a good video…however the chart seems a bit skewed to favor crypto currency.

    One important aspect of money is
    ACCESSIBILITY/ ease of doing transaction and that is VERY LOW for crypto (Bitcoin).

  20. The issue with scarcity is a little misunderstood. The US dollar represents a portion of the value of the entire us economy. As more dollars are made, the value drops, but it is still a portion of the entire economy. Bitcoin has a scarcity of 21 million bitcoins. However it is divisible by 1/100000th or one satoshi. Therefore you could say that one satoshi represents a portion of the full value of bitcoin. But the total amount of satoshis is 2.1 trillion. The more indivisible a currency is, it is said to be inflation, but really you are just slicing up the overall pie into smaller chunks. And decentralization is misunderstood, as if you don’t have the complicated network of computers all exchanging information, then bitcoin is worth nothing. Just like if the USA was destroyed, the dollar would be worth nothing.

  21. So what is bitcoin exactly? value? Is it produced? Can I physically secure it? Who’s making these coins? Is it digital Fiat but without gold or debt backing it? I’m so confused

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