Bitcoin – Unmasking Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin’s creator satoshi Nakamoto has remained a thriller, till right this moment.

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  1. If satoshi really is adam then why was he so agains censorship and control in 2009-2014 but adam in 2015 doesnt mind censorship and control. There must be more to this

  2. After watching this, I'm relatively certain that Barely Sociable is actually Satoshi. Pretty clever to make a three part documentary to throw us off the trail, but they seem to know a little too much.

  3. At 20:20 he says satoshi posted in 2015. But no other videos or people acknowledge this. They claim satoshi’s last post was 2011 or so. If satoshi did post in 2015 this proves it cannot be hal finney who died in 2014. A 2015 post would be a key piece of evidence in this case

  4. Re-watching I feel like some of the evidence in the first two videos was circumstantial and I had a few doubts, but re-watching this one had me convinced all over again.

    I will say I've never seen anyone do a deep dive into why you're wrong, just peoplle.eothwr denying it or insulting you who either have a connection to Back, those who would have NDAs, or random Bitcoin stans

  5. I think you could be right about Adam being Satoshi but all this stuff about about "censorship" and how a bunch of people on reddit weren't allowed to shill another coin in the bitcoin subreddit is just bullshit. You are way to caught up in the blocksize wars. Small blocks was the correct choice and this has been proven time and time again over the last few years. If people like you had your way Craig Wright would be running BTC and we would have gigabyte blocksizes and you would have to have your own datacenter to run a node. Some idiot who just discovered BTC shouldn't just be able to demand a change to the protocol. This is just like the old meme "i just discovered BTC and im here to fix it!" And don't even get me started about "how other coins have fixed BTCs issues" speil at the end. Centralized shitcoins with big blocks have solved nothing and your level of understanding of this is shockingly low. Like I said your conclusion about Adam may be correct but this whole thing just makes you come off as some salty bcasher who wasn't allowed to have his big blocks.

  6. This is a very well-made and thorough series. But I am not convinced that it's Adam Back. Firstly, I think he has a noticeably different writing style from Satoshi. Satoshi's writing style is very neurotic, carefully-worded, and sort of meek. Back writes more dryly, more assertively, more abruptly, and less cautiously. Satoshi's posts featured in this series always seem to have immaculate spelling and formatting. Adam writes more informally, leaving out apostrophes and neglecting capitalization and things like that. I have trouble imagining the same person being behind both sets of posts. Sure, they both use British English and double-spaces (although the series even acknowledges that Back's double-spacing is less consistent–I think that's not a trivial difference). I think this indicates they were probably from the same circle. In fact, I have the feeling Adam might even know Satoshi personally–this would explain the lack of written correspondence, the interest in the wiki editing, all the little timing coincidences (if he was helping Satoshi with making bitcoin, it would explain the publishing gap as well as the coincidences in when he was active online), the shifty behaviour upon being asked about Satoshi, the intimate knowledge of Satoshi's reasons for hiding his identity, the concern about "hurting Satoshi", etc. It even explains why they would be on the same side of the block size issue. I just can't imagine that someone who went through such lengths to hide his identity would then hop on Twitter with all his real info and broadcast to an audience about bitcoin, become the public face (the most public-facing position–the CEO) of a bitcoin company, and suddenly start engaging in censorship to turn a profit as a CEO while no one can put forth a good reason Satoshi hasn't cashed his bitcoin yet. All the while adopting a noticeably different writing style and personality. This series spends time speculating as to why Satoshi hasn't cashed his bitcoin hasn't under the assumption of him having a profit motive, and then uses this assumption of profit motive to support the Adam Back theory. But this assumption is unfounded. Profit motive is not a given. It's completely possible that Satoshi is just a nerd with a passion project, too paranoid or maybe even too principled to profit personally from it. This series says in an earlier part that Satoshi is likely an academic. Academics are used to doing things with no profit incentive. The pay of a grad student is pretty terrible, especially in England where you're not even reliably funded. You spend a lot of time in underpaid positions until you reach professorship, at which point you're salaried and it doesn't matter how hard you work, but profs work hard and churn out projects anyway, because they love what they do. At the end of this video, the narrator spends time accusing Adam of hypocrisy because his actions don't align with Satoshi's stated goals. I feel like this is unfair and careless. Doesn't the fact that Adam and Satoshi's viewpoints don't square at all with each other actually point to them being different people? This should be acknowledged as a weakness of the "Adam is Satoshi" theory, not taken as factual basis for accusations of hypocrisy.

    I don't think Satoshi is any of the candidates who are publicly associated with bitcoin. I don't think anyone has actually correctly guessed who he is yet. It just doesn't make sense for someone whose identity is already blatantly painted all over Bitcoin-related companies/projects to take such pains to remain so completely anonymous that we're calling him "The Most Elusive Identity on the Internet". (Why even implicate himself by mentioning the name "Adam Back" in his Satoshi persona and pretend to be on correspondence basis with him?) I imagine that he's just a slightly neurotic nerd watching this all unfold from the privacy of his own dwelling. I don't think he has the personality to do a rug-pull or be a CEO. In his paper he insinuated that bitcoin would reduce fraud with third parties–he clearly was too naïve to imagine that it would open the doors for a completely new type of fraud.

  7. Just wow I'm weird but wow, a man claims to be about a decentralized currency/computer network where everyone has an even say you see it implode on it's self and make what one two posts about it, bro you had a dream and it worked out at least on some level and now you duck responsibility on the derailment, it can't have a leader because people need to think for them self? Then when some entity takes the spot you left empty intentionally and doing the things you wanted to avoid the only advice is you guys sure fucked up huh, well we better bring lassy out back, how hypocritical, you chose the wrong culture to draw you're name from, because it's clear you have no self respect or honor, Adam or not this guy clearly doesn't give a shit about what they made

  8. I watched "Line goes up" and I'm genuinely 100% convinced bitcoin is the largest active ponzi scheme in World history. I was all for it until I saw that and the terrifying similarities in how bitcoin operates.
    If anyone hasn't seen it and are interested in 3+hour long DEEP dives into subjects I would put aside a few days to watch it… I think it was organic and accidental but now, as things stand, bitcoin is a combination of a cult and ponzi scheme. Words (glass hands, diamond hands, on-and-on. "HFBP" or have fun being poor) and lingo ,etc support the cult ideology and the fact that they pair perfectly with NFTs, another thing mentioned and gone deeply into in "Line goes up" is another ponzi off chute of bitcoin.
    Just watch it.

  9. Well if Satoshi is Adam and turn evil censoring, and controling Bitcoin development by blockstream that makes it clear that the project failed, and the only thing left are the hard forks "splits or spin-offs" of Bitcoin like Bitcoin Cash, especially if you consider that blockstream´s lighting network relies on the main chain, if the main chain isn´t incentivized to protect the network in the long term the whole system crashes, cause the system was design to decrease the new minted bitcoins and gradually replace it with network fees, but this only works if the block size is big to acomodate the users needed to cover the rewards, Bitcoin by this model of small blocks won´t survive the long term.

  10. "We should take the simplest answer"

    Gavin says exactly this

    "Gavin was lying"

    All the evidence why its Adam Back, applies even more so to Craig Wright. Why are you so biased against Craig?

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