Bitcoin to crash to $26k because the Fed makes a disastrous mistake – Alfonso Peccatiello

The Fed is tightening into an already slowing financial, and the implications are disastrous for danger belongings, mentioned Alfonso Peccatiello, creator of The Macro Compass.

Peccatiello mentioned with David Lin, anchor for Kitco Information, his outlook for the financial system, Bitcoin, shares, and gold.

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0:00 – The Fed’s mistake
7:38 – Demographics developments
13:44 – Actual rate of interest/inflation
20:51 – Indicators for financial slowdown
26:10 – Gold
27:20 – Bitcoin
28:18 – Shares

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  1. I am so confused.
    I thought Bitcoin was created to NOT be tied to any government system and NOT ties to any traditional banking, money system and to NOT be used by government so you are building money without government tax and consequence

    So why is crypto's being crashed because of governments actions?

    Why when the dollar crashes the crypto or Bitcoin crash?

  2. My advice to new investors: Buy good companies stocks and hold them as long as they are good companies. Just do this and ignore the forecasts and market views which are at best entertaining but completely useless

  3. I am not sure I agree about productivity rates being more/less around 1%. With AI, autonomy and robotics solving most our labour issues, I would bet that productivity rates will spike to levels never before seen. Overall, fantastic insight and interview.

  4. It's not a mistake. The mistake was the FED should never have been allowed to print at will – just to protect the big boys. Without a gold peg the history of the world is that currencies crash. There is no escape. It's a black hole. Without tightening the system is doomed. With tightening the system is doomed. But they know this, and plan to us to to steal your money and freedoms. Eyes to see? Ears to hear?
    (Turkey is just going through this before he USA and Europe etc. But its coming). Love ya x

  5. 1) craig is satoshi

    2) bitcoin is a ponzi scheme as it is being used today

    3)its value is $0 in open market.

    4)its value is high only among bitcoin owners because bitcoin owners make people buy bit coin for more and more money giving them false hope of even more selling value. Its value will remain horseshit in open market as it is not invested to produce any material stuffs

    5)bitcoin will gain its value because its demand will increase. Its demand will increase because its number is limited. This reasoning is moronic.

    Its demand will only increase until it can find brainless whimsical victims.

    Sustainable demand is created by its utility not by its scarcity.

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