Bitcoin Rap Battle Debate: Hamilton vs. Satoshi (BITCOIN GIVEAWAY) [feat. EpicLloyd, TimDeLaGhetto]


Alexander Hamilton and Satoshi Nakamoto have interaction in a battle rap debate on the deserves of centralized and decentralized currencies. What do you assume? Tell us within the feedback beneath for an opportunity to win bitcoin. (Sure, we’re critical.)

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[HAMILTON] Earlier than we start, everybody do me a favor,
And browse somewhat factor I wrote known as the Federalist Papers.
I clarify how a nation’s unlikely to outlive
With no robust central authorities to maintain it alive,
Once I launched the central financial institution, Jefferson known as me ailing,
Now you’ve got my face to thank on each ten dollar-bill.
When America was cash-strapped, I pushed previous that,
Now some sicko makes crypto and our nation backtracks?

[SATOSHI] Decentralized forex. Sure, I invented it.
I’m positive many governments want that they had prevented it
Their nationwide money is how they preserve management,
However freedom to the individuals was my final purpose.
Am I a pseudonym? A bunch of males? It doesn’t even matter.
I invented Bitcoin trigger fiat is a catastrophe.
A person from Japan or a rattling hologram?
I’m the explanation open season on crypto started.

[H] Does anyone know what this crypto-thing means?
To me, appears like the brand new Get Broke Fast scheme,
A bunch of fools from throughout the land
Investing in one thing they don’t even perceive,
Shopping for Litecoin, Sprint, Bitcoin Money,
It’s all gonna crash, and be gone in a flash.
All this unsupported cash’s an irrational prank,
And I’ll be laughing all the best way to my Nationwide Financial institution.

[S] Hahahahahah, yeah dude, tremendous humorous,
As if banks nowadays nonetheless helped individuals earn cash.
The wealthy get richer and we observe like we’re all sheep,
The banks serve Wall Avenue, crypto serves all streets,
The curiosity in crypto’s on fast ascent
What’s your present curiosity? Half a %?
I’m sorry, the financial institution’s gone previous its peak
However I would like information encrypted, not hacked and leaked.

[H] If this crypto system will likely be our salvation,
It must be centralized, wants regulation.
If our central database will get… the way you say, “hacked?”
Insurance coverage will simply make a case to get your a reimbursement.
‘Trigger in actual fact, it’s tracked, and the cash leaves a path.
Central forex is robust, cryptocurrency is frail.
Untraceable cash — wow, so intelligent.
One typo in your deal with? Now it’s gone ceaselessly…

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Host: Reward of Gab / Blackalicous
Alexander Hamilton: EpicLloyd
Satoshi Nakamoto: TimothyDeLaGhetto
Hamilton posse: Will “V” Randolph, Kaila Love
Satoshi posse: Adesha Adefela, Johnny Rice
Satoshi rappers: Lesley Toche, Michael “Inverse Ok”, RyanNicole, Ari “Hashbrown”, Frak
Delegates: Ash Hicks, Kaiy Watts, Rachel Morrison, Carlos Andrickson, Kimberly Hollkamp, Edward Ewell, Rodney Jackson, Marcelo Pereira

Particular company:
Adam Again
Amanda Natividad
Anthony Veneziale
Atul Joshi
Ayliffe Brown
Ben Davenport
Brian Bland
Charlie Lee
Debbie Sterling
Dylan Area
Elena Nadolinski
Erik Torenberg
Ivan Money
James Prestwich
Jessica Scorpio
Josh McFarland
Laura Shin
Lily Liu
Meltem Demirors
Micky Malka
Mike Belshe
Pat Keep
Reid Hoffman
Sam Altman
Shadi Mehrein
Sonja Perkins
Soona Amhaz
Teo Casares
Theo Hollingsworth
Vinitha Watson
Wences Casares
Yuqing Fan
Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn

Government Producer: Reid Hoffman
Producers: Ian Alas, Beau Lewis
Writers: Reid Hoffman, Ian Alas, Frak, Beau Lewis, Seth Brown
Director: Beau Lewis
DP: Peter Furia

Music: AMS, Will “V” Randolph
Combine/grasp by: Fai, Deep H20z

Assistant Director: Frak
Assistant Producer: Theo Hollingsworth
Digicam: Tyler McPherron
BTS digicam / edit: Steve Flavin
Gaffer: John Dannenfelser
Grip: Donovan Gats
Artwork division: Jackie Scott
Artwork division: Paul B
Costume: Tatiana
Walkies: Patrick Dunnam
Casting: Ken Savage
Slate: Tyler Lim
PA: Sharissa Wright
PA: Kalani Ruidas

Particular due to Erik Torenberg, Alexandra Weiss, Elisa Schreiber, Kaitlin Durkosh, Greg Beato, Saida Sapieva, David Sanford, Fernando Gallegos, Ryan Galvan, Khristian Hernandez, Miguel Hernandez, Andrew Montesano, Rachelle Diamond, Ivan Money, Conrad Kisunzu, Charles Morgan, Travis “Organik” Fleetwood

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  1. Crypto exchanges freezing withdraws, stable coins that are anything but stable, and cypto exchanges bailing out other crypto exchanges with loans. It’s like 2008 all over again – except with highly leveraged crypto HODLers in lieu of houses, and crypto exchanges in lieu of banks.

  2. June 2022 Now post-pandemic with Celcius tanking, Luna tanked, All Cryptos lost at least 70% of recent value, however on the fiat side, we have increasing global inflation, supply chain imbalances, and a looming recession. Hard to tell who wins or loses the battle.

  3. Satoshi wanted to impliment some of the features of Monero's provacy technologies into Bitcoin since Bitcoin is secure but VERY not private…. less private than fiat, SUPER tracable, and leaves a LARGE an PUBLIC trail. But some cryptos are private AND secure. If Bitcoin adopted Monero tech then Monero would likely die because Bitcoin has the name, reputation, and is the MOST secure payment system on this planet but then would be private if it adopted Monero tech. Then again, cash bills are not that bad of medium of exchange, hard to seize, user-friendly, SUPER private, and passible security, cards and cheques are a joke though, too many flaws.

  4. 1:46 Except to make money with crypto, you have to be already rich af. Mining takes topnotch hardware, not to mention most crypto advocates are rich
    2:23 interesting. Who made ether? A rich white guy?
    3:16 It's not even a currency 😀
    3:36 You cannot even fix a crypto glitch. When theres an error, the currency forks, since it's unrepairable.
    3:51 It will never be adopted, since it's slow. The only use for crypto is speculative trading, which means all use of Bitcoin would require the one taking the Bitcoin to engage in speculation. It will never be implemented
    4:12 It's not even paper.
    4:28 Yeah, cuz your currency is not taken ANYWHERE. It was only used on the Silk Road, which is now shut down.

    Overall… Good music, bad facts.

  5. With how bad the prime minister is, crypto is a better solution for banks. Just take advantage of people. If I could work for cash, then never have opened up a bank account f*** you, government

  6. Notice how people in the audience are just disagreeing with Hamilton even one before anyone said anything, and the woman at 0:57 literally starts nodding before Satoshi makes a point. Clearly a favored battle.

  7. Not a Bitcoin fan but centralized banks have also proven their worthless tribute. I would rather gold backed contained currency and less dependence on credit because of debt.

  8. The was a great rap battle the only thing I found wrong was the climate change Bitcoin Reid to say Hamilton was corrupt with using trees to make money but he’s actually wrong. No trees are used to make money. It’s made from cotton and linen.

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