Bitcoin Q&A: Solar Energy & Mining in Space

Solar power effectivity advances and proof-of-work. Factoring in capital prices of/ entry to photo voltaic panels & mining tools, entry to web, alternative value for extra power and storage capability. Energy shortage is a elementary problem. Sudoku as a proof-of-work algorithm. Bitcoin mining in house.

0:00 Would proof-of-work nonetheless work, with marginal prices at zero?
1:55 We want somebody as good as Satoshi Nakamoto to give you a brand new proof-of-work algorithm. I might recommend Sudoku
2:49 Mining in house

This speak passed off on September thirteenth 2016 on the Silicon Valley Bitcoin Meetup in Sunnyvale, California:

Watch the complete speak right here:

The 14nm restrict, decentralisation, and renewable-energy mining –
What’s the function of nodes? –
Lightning, full nodes, and miners –
Bitmain and the ASICBoost allegations –
The 21 million provide cap –
The Warfare on Money and Crypto –
Exhausting Guarantees, Mushy Guarantees: Selling Autonomy as an alternative of Authority –

Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a technologist and serial entrepreneur who has develop into some of the well-known and well-respected figures in bitcoin.

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He’s the writer of two books: “Mastering Bitcoin,” printed by O’Reilly Media and thought of one of the best technical information to bitcoin; “The Web of Cash,” a e-book about why bitcoin issues.




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  1. This is the first time I have had an issue with any of his talks. Renewable energy needs to be taken a bit more seriously that the answer given. Patronising and rude. very unlike him.

  2. I do have a question for anyone who has the answer. What happens when we reach the point where no more bitcoins are being produced? How will the miners be compensated? From my understanding the miners are there to store all the information across the network and keep pushing transactions but if they are no longer incentivized why would they still do it.

  3. in a world where ownership of anything will be a disaster. I mean I flip the entire future upsidedown from the BTC valuation system, I wiped with the envision. Imagine taking ownership of 100 baskets of rice will end up like having a hot-potato on hands against BTC. By then the old system be gone and cash has become history, BTC will be forever in shortage and each Satoshis is going to worth more against anything on earth as time goes. We will enter into a world nobody is willing to own anything. Everyone rents everything. No one will be willing to spend. Only the miners who maintains the network get pay. they will be the ones who keep BTC's circulation momentum.

    when the days come everyone will be miner, it's the only way to survive.

  4. Well as usual great video with interesting informations. Had to laugh about the startrek and no money, right but they used Energy credits as a sort of money, so we can compare cryptos to EC we have similar thing here. Well I need to say that as I learn more and more people about cryptos the first thing they think of is that it is sort of sci-fi thing.

  5. I can barely hear what the people from the audience asked, if you can repeat the questions or give them a microphone as in other videos, that would be great.

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