Bitcoin safety is not any joke, Litecoin segwit activation, huge Coinbase development, Israel BTC

Bitcoin is getting near $1800. I frolicked with Daniel yesterday. He’s an Israeli Bitcoin fan and it’s thrilling to see folks like him outdoors of the USA who’re dedicating big chunks of their lives to Bitcoin. Litecoin is now formally a testnet for Bitcoin when it comes to Segwit. I hope it goes properly. Coinbase grew lots within the final month! This can be a good signal. Some folks attempt to downplay the significance of maintaining your Bitcoin protected. We won’t let folks suppose it’s a good suggestion to maintain Bitcoin on an trade. Individuals neglect about Mt. Gox for some motive.

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  1. Long time subscribers here. We LOVE you're channel! We check it on a regular basis because we're super interested in Bitcoin and crypto currency and you have a super interesting perspective and take on things. Keep up the AWESOME work! 🙂

  2. are you on
    they have a crypto currency group with over 2k members you should join if no on
    I will boost videos just posted this in the group
    Israel is good get to the dead sea ein bokek
    overnight bus from eilat to Haifa is quite cheap
    stay in taba if in eilat is cheaper don't take long to get through border

  3. Hey adam, what are your thoughts on the BATs SEC review for the rejected ETF? It is happening by the 15th, which is next week.
    Decision will have an immediate impact on BTC price

  4. I also changed careers and I'm now full-time crypto. I have a Nano and I love it. I just ordered a Trezor to use during the 3 day Blockchain Masterclass, for Dubai NASDAQ, I'm teaching next week. Thank you, Adam, for all you do.

  5. I'm starting to favor Glidera over Coinbase.
    With Glidera you make an order and give them a bitcoin address and it goes there. With coinbase you have an account. Like I recently bought a bitcoin for 1300 and when I move it off coinbase I'll owe capital gains to the IRS. With Glidera that isn't a problem. So if anyone still has simple taxes and uses the EZ form, you can still do that (if I understand right) if you use Glidera.
    I'm also having trouble getting my bitcoin from Coinbase. They're having some kind of trouble with my bank (but the money was sent about 11 days ago).

  6. Pretty cool. It bounced off 1800 this morning.
    I got two more of my fellow mechanics into bitcoins this month. And one of my converts (lol) has brought another mechanic he knows into it.

  7. Adam, I have most of my bitcoin in cold wallets. i have some on GDAX and Coinbase because that stuff is for investing and I certainly don't want short term capital gains. i would be dumb to move it to cold wallets now because i would get higher taxes. However 95% of my Bitcoin is in cold wallets.

  8. If someone were to be really evil and not want to give the government their full measure (I would NEVER recommend this) in capital gains taxes, THIS is why you would hold in a private wallet. Example, buy 1 BTC on coinbase for 1700 dollars. Transfer to your private wallet and coinbase registers that as a sell, say at 1800 dollars. You're a good boy and pay capital gains taxes on 100 dollars. They have no idea its going from your left pocket to your right pocket. Now you hold for 10 years, and BTC is 500,000 per coin. and you want to now cash it out. You could never cash it all out at once but lets do so for the example. So you send 500,000 back to coinbase which registers as a purchase, again they have no idea it just came from your left pocket. You then sell to cash for, say, 501,000 dollars. This completes the round trip and you now pay capital gains on 1,000. Over the 10 years you have now paid capital gains on a total of 1,100 dollars as opposed to 500,000 dollars. Again, this is just an example of what an unpatriotic dirtbag would do. We all know the government needs all the money they can get their hands on for for their wars, bread, and circus and I for one, will give them every last farthing.

  9. I have never used one of the hardware wallets, But here are a few more options for paper wallets. You can get a Mycelium Entropy which is a usb device that when plugged into your printer will print an unlimited number of paper wallets. Works great! Also, be sure to get the special laser printer paper that is not affected by water and can't be torn by hand. It's sort of similar to Tyvek. Diificult to find.

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