Bitcoin is Digital Energy with Michael Saylor


On this interview, I speak to Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy. We talk about the evolution of their Bitcoin technique, technological disintermediation, and Bitcoin as a foundational societal expertise.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:14:12 Technological revolution
00:38:36 Digital Energy demonitization
00:57:51 Generational capital technique
01:18:07 Company revolutionary technique
01:30:33 Nation-state methods
01:51:39 Bitcoin vs USD Revolution?
02:16:21 Keep on message

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“Individuals joke like, ‘are you going to be 5% uncovered, or 100% uncovered,’ I’m 500% uncovered. I’m not 5%, 50%, we began with $250 million of capital, we purchased $3.5 billion of bitcoin.”
— Michael Saylor

Location: Miami
Date: Monday twenty ninth November
Firm: Microstrategy
Position: CEO

In August 2021, MicroStrategy commenced with the daring defensive transfer to take a position vital treasury belongings in Bitcoin in response to inflationary pressures. Since then, MicroStrategy has strategically enhanced their holdings to grow to be the most important company proprietor of Bitcoin and simply final week introduced a further $414 million buy.

The technique has been led by CEO Michael Saylor. As a developer of enterprise software program, Saylor has lengthy espoused digital transformation. Bitcoin is a part of that course of, digitising the final main constructing blocks of the analogue society: property, vitality, and cash.

While this primary wave of company adoption is entrepreneurial in spirit, some great benefits of company adoption are clear. But, regardless of a glut of Bitcoin miners maximising their Bitcoin hodling, MicroStrategy hasn’t been adopted by a wave of establishments following swimsuit. Such inertia relies on a spread of impediments that will fall away within the subsequent few years.

On this interview, I speak to Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy. We talk about the evolution of their Bitcoin technique, technological disintermediation, and Bitcoin as a foundational societal expertise.

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  1. It's painful to hear him create the fiction that btc is digital energy. It's serious mental gymnastics. But if it gets more people into this space then no harm no foul.

  2. I never get tired of listening to Saylors outlook on bitcoin. It’s unique and it make sense. Sailor is a walking version of bitcoin for dummies.

  3. Not only is Michael one of the most intelligent people of our time but he has the ability to deconstruct complex concepts down to bite size pieces most people can digest.

  4. No…. Bitcoin is supposed to be currency. It it property/investment vehicle/speculation asset for now. But once we all adopt it should be currency that will have double fuction (like any solid currency should have): store of value and medium of exchange. We'll want to be paid in Bitcoin, we'll want to pay taxes in Bitcoin, we'll want goverments to run on Bitcoin (they must become lean and efficient) so we won't have case Bitcoin by converting the fiat to BTC in order to conserve purchasing power – that would be stupid (like it is now). The real benefit for people (not for inefficient governments) is for Bitcoin to become currency. Otherwise it's just pointless…. it's just like real estate or S&P Index or maybe worse because it's not a productive asset.

  5. Bitcon what is scam it’s an electrical system way too much counterparty risk what happens if your electricity goes out or you can’t pay your electrical bill or your battery dies on your iPhone are you a computer breaks downCan you go to the store and there’s no more computers oops no service in this area government shut down the Internet I’ll take Gold please no counterparty risk

  6. What Saylor is effectively saying is bitcoin is currency. Eventhough he advocates against it and says its digital property, digital energy is essential your currency because you use money to buy electricity and money ( though not right now due greedy bankers ) can be sent and cheap rates throughout the world.

  7. Just the idea of how relaxed and laid back Saylor is in every interview makes me want to buy more.
    Randy Marsh – Buffallo Soilder wheelbarrow comes to mind.

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