Bitcoin is Digital Energy – Michael Saylor on the MIT Bitcoin Expo

Thirty-five years after graduating with the very best honors, Michael Saylor returns to his alma mater to headline the MIT Bitcoin Expo. His keynote is a mirrored image on a Nikola Tesla quote, “If you wish to discover the secrets and techniques of the universe, assume when it comes to vitality, frequency, and vibration.” and the way it pertains to digital vitality within the type of Bitcoin. With its capacity to vibrate in any respect frequencies in our on-line world, Bitcoin has the distinctive capability to result in conservation of vitality and radically rework how folks work together in an more and more digital world.


01:29 Bitcoin as Digital Energy Fixing the ‘Double Spend’ Drawback
09:34 Bitcoin as Digital Property, Forex, and Capital
11:52 What’s the distinction between Cash and Energy?
13:31 Bitcoin Creates Radiation in Our on-line world
15:49 Can I Create Gravity in Our on-line world?
18:30 Creating an Fully New Class of Functions Utilizing Lightning
24:13 Why Did MicroStrategy Make investments Its Treasury in Bitcoin?
32:33 What Are the Criticisms About Bitcoin And How Do You Reply?
35:57 The Electrical energy Utilization Critique of Bitcoin And The Response
39:25 Bitcoin is the Cleanest, Most Environment friendly Use of Energy within the World
43:17 What Function Will Bitcoin and the Lightning Community Play within the Future?

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  3. Best to listen and ask specific questions to the many general points being made.
    Such as how some become too rich? One big reason is non-sound money…in other words money creation and uneven/unfair distribution. If money supply was static then the "market" would use and distribute according the the very individualistic desires+needs.
    Wolf brings up many problems, which is very important, but in addition much needs to be discussed on the various solutions and the domino effect of "solutions"  these sort of discussions are a great place to start…much better than debates where people are pitted against each other attempting to pursuade based of limited general statements. This very important subject of life and organized life need very thourough discussions. I imagine much better systems can be created and i feel any good system (gov, economic, etc) should REQUIRE ALL citizens to learn and participate in such discussions. This may be the most important thing to society…it is the foundation which all other goods and services are built upon.

    Also think it would be very helpful for people debating/discussing such subjects to record then listen then make note of additional questions…and then rediscuss the previous discussion….and keep repeating. Iterative improvement.
    Since politicians dont do this well, this would be a great podcast idea. Have a few people commit a few weeks to this itterative discussion.

    And by the way….centalized fiat money creation is NOT capitalism. This money system and fractional reserve banking seems to eventually destroy societal systems…of course at first it seems to help as it mobilizes investment+production but it corruption the markets ability to pruce and distribute the value of labor, goods, etc.

  4. Nice video and great work, You know most people think that investing in crypto is all about holding till it rises, come on, it takes time and is a gamble on the long run, this recent dip and slight pump should be a lesson to people who hold blindly. Working with Alex Gomez he made me believe that when you hold, you stand the chance of losing it all to unexpected dips. So rather than simply holding, I trade crypto under his expertise.

  5. Hey Mike, I sent you a LinkedIn message. In 2017, my team won best in class at the MIT Energy Hackathon for our energy blockchain AI.

    For the first time, I have heard a speaker talk about Bitcoin in terms of energy and frequencies. We were ahead of the market at the time, so I don’t think a lot of people saw the energy we were manipulating with our prototype.

    I would like to speak with you and share our Harvey Bot. We think that it is the missing piece that connects AI, IoT, and Blockchain into a single functioning energy unit.

    Thought I should reach out here and find me on LinkedIn. Hope this works.

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  9. Mike, I just saw your Tucker interview – so there's a discussion about regulations, jurisdiction etc…my question here is, the governments even after bringing cask of registrations, still will not be able to control where you will store your bitcoins unlike accounts in a bank. In your words – its a obsolute sovereignty over any jurisdiction. Now will they allow it? Don't you think in future, they want to track transactions from wallet to wallet, stating, the law of land, may be starting by first regulating the size of the wallet?

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