Bitcoin: Has No Value? v1.0.1

This Video is in response to Peter Schiff’s problem to persuade him bitcoin has worth.

At time index 1:02:20 – Peter introduced his first YouTube Livestream with Q&A on Monday, fifteenth of July, at 9PM EST,

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  1. Furthermore, for all those naysayers claiming that cryptocurrency doesn't have inherit value like paper money or other assets… coin mining IS the value, the cost of equip, overhead, electricity, etc. The value is JUST as inherit as printing paper money.

  2. A lot of people paying money to see Mona Lisa, year after year. So I guess it have value? You can’t copy the status of it afrerall.
    Same thing if you would copy some crypto, lets say XRP e.g. (from technical PoV) it wont take you long since you’re still missing all the relationships, partners, contracts, etc.

  3. Hi davinci hope you are well. Did you have a chance to listen to peter Schiff's video "this time rate cuts will backfire." I thought he had very interesting points about gold standard. I personally would love to see gold standard where bitcoin is backed by gold. Interested on your thoughts.

  4. Point 2 irreversible. Can you please explain this point. I was reading that binance considered a potential BTC transaction reversal during its last hack. Can you explain more about this.

  5. Davinci if you are ever to be threatened by bankers or "court orders" into doing whatever they want you to do because of what you're doing:
    Just throwing it out there for you, there's some knowledge out there you can youtube known as "imbatman57"
    Best defense for you to use in a court room no matter what charge is placed against you.
    You can also youtube "how to deal with courts" – there are two short videos from two different court visits using that knowledge.
    Best of luck to you.

  6. I’d say the easiest “Proof that bitcoin has value” would be to look up the current price.

    Peter can argue that the valuation is wrong and he is smarter than the market (In which case he should start a hedge fund and get richer) but saying bitcoin doesn’t have value is like saying the sky isn’t blue.

  7. Bitcoin would collapse economy. Year A, x and y products and services worth z amount of bitcoins. Year B, same bitcoins magically redeemable for a multiple amount of products and services. It's products and services that have value, not really currencies

  8. Why do you care about Peter Schiff's opinion so much, he is paid to talk shit about bitcoin, probably he have more bitcoins than me. Can you share your powerpoint?

  9. You know something.Too bad i don't much about computer softwares.But the next step is for someone to create a BITCOIN or ALTCOIN LOTTERY system..oh man!!…Some idea right there already.Hopefully someone could spread the message to the higher ups

  10. And the last question is: Who are more? And can therefore create a larger demand. The financial elite, or the gazillions that feel uncoupled…

  11. I don't understand your analogy. There is only one genuine Mona Lisa painting, there will be 21 million bitcoins. Economics 101, the more scarce then the more value.

    Also the advantages of crypto for those outside the banking system is also an advantage for illegal activities. I know you're an ambassador for btc, but you have to live in the real world too! I'm long on btc purely to make money out of it rather than it having any other value.

  12. Good video, just one suggestion about the audio, now it sounds you've done it in a "chamber", I can hear echo. Maybe record in a room without echo or use a more suitable microphone. Also, you show your face all the time, why not in this video?

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