Bitcoin, A Fiduciary Duty with Nik Bhatia

On this interview, I discuss to creator and Professor of Finance Nik Bhatia. We talk about his latest article ‘Asset Managers, Proudly owning Bitcoin Is Now Your Fiduciary Duty’, foreign money debasement and the way Bitcoin is the brand new financial actuality.


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0:00 Introduction
0:06 Updates on Layered Cash E-book
8:43 The BTC Tipping Level
16:00 Bitcoin Seaside Hyperbitcoinisation
20:18 Inflation vs. Financial Debasement
27:58 Fiduciary Duty to Personal BTC
33:39 Fiduciary Duty and Volatility
36:00 Bitcoin Empowers People
41:18 Bitcoin Naysayers
47:13 Sats the Commonplace
49:09 Governments and Bitcoin
56:35 The Lightning Community

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“In case you are ignoring Bitcoin now, as a development supervisor, you’re ignoring that an alternate financial actuality has come into existence on this planet.”
— Nik Bhatia

Location: El Salvador
Date: Saturday Could eighth
Undertaking: USC Marshall Faculty of Enterprise
Position: Adjunct Professor of Finance

For a very long time, asset managers within the conventional finance world have largely ignored bitcoin. Typically utilizing outdated and debunked theories as to why bitcoin is one other tulip bubble that boils the oceans, kills polar bears and utilized by drug sellers and criminals.

Over the past 12 months, this has begun to alter, establishments have woken as much as Bitcoin, and they’re starting to see it for what it’s, the soundest cash the world has ever seen and a instrument for freedom. Nik Bhatia says that Bitcoin has modified financial expertise as we all know it. It’s now the fiduciary obligation for asset managers to think about bitcoin, not just for the financial profit but in addition for societal change.

On this interview, I discuss by Writer and Professor of Finance Nik Bhatia. We talk about his latest article ‘Asset Managers, Proudly owning Bitcoin Is Now Your Fiduciary Duty’, foreign money debasement and the way Bitcoin is the brand new financial actuality.

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  1. Very good interview. I think because of the changes due to cryptocurrency and the general awakening of the people to the misdeeds of the Elites the Elites are re-positioning themselves for the new society that is emerging. And their answer ? A medical tyranny and surveillance economy that we're now seeing. Technology is freeing us – but the Elites are using it to enslave us – that is the battle that's ahead. No, govt is not going to go away – but increasingly people are looking in their direction with a furrowed brow.

  2. Superb episode. Peter I love the new correspondent layer of your interviews now that you're hanging out in El Salvador. Amazing insight that I never would have known about AND you're a reliable source. Gives me a bit of unadulterated positivity to hear the things you are reporting on there.

    I also fully agree with Nik that the empowerment and useful/savior elements for those who adopt the bitcoin network in smaller countries needs to be broadcast more! It cuts through a lot of these boilerplate FUD narratives by making an apt comparison: eg "Is negligible energy consumption not worth helping potentially millions of people around the world ascend from abject poverty? Power consumption vs human lives." And I think when the idea is presented in an objective way, where cost vs benefit is plainly laid out, the answer becomes a lot more clearer.

    Anyways, just my 2 sats. Really appreciate your work and resolve – you've paid your dues. Good shit man and cheers from NW Washington state.

  3. Great discussion. I don't buy that socialist policy is incompatible with Bitcoin ownership as the state still holds a monopoly on violence. It does provide protection from asset forfeiture and counterparty risk which is an amazing tool for populism.

  4. When thinking about Bitcoin – one must always think about the downtrodden and the underprivileged of the world, and what it can do for those people.

    Think beyond the price

  5. I totally agree with Nik on the inflation vs monetary debasement debate. Hyperinflation in the developed world? Look at the demographics of the developed world. . . globalization. . .Technology . . . etc. We live in a deflationary world. All the money printing does is produce price stability. Look at Japan. And Nik is a bond guy, so he knows the inflation issue very well.

  6. Just dl'd a copy of the book to my Kindle. Thanks for the heads up on this, Peter. My only caveat is that i don't follow the argument he is making that inflation is not showing up in numbers… published cpi numbers? How can the current debasement of currency not in itself be inflation… hidden inflation?

  7. "haven't been through enough pain with money". Yes. I have within the USA in opportunity and those words are said with wisdom. That's why when I heard of bitcoin at the beginning of 2020 and started falling down my first rabbit hole,y first reaction was this is what I was searching for. If only sooner a passing wish. A common feeling I would assume.

  8. Congrats to Nik Bhatia on a brilliant book. I enjoyed reading and understanding history of how Innovations and inventions in Money made Human progress happen. looking forward to see how Bitcoin survives "attacks" by CB chiefs, esp Yellen, Laggard, and others

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