BEST VANGUARD ETFs and Index Funds For Financial Independence (OUR PORTFOLIO)

BEST VANGUARD ETFs and Index Funds For Financial Independence. Peek into our portfolio for funds that we’re investing in. Study to take a position confidently in 12 days with our full Inventory Market investing course:


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0:00 – Intro
2:40 – Vanguard FTSE Developed World Ex-UK Index Fund Accumulation
6:58 – Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS ETF (VWRL)
10:50 – Vanguard FTSE World All Cap Index Fund Accumulation
14:42 – Vanguard U.S. Fairness Index Fund Accumulation
20:03 – Conclusion

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BEST Vanguard ETFs and Index Funds For Financial Independence (OUR PORTFOLIO)

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  1. Hi Ken I’m a beginner here, I can see the minimum investment it’s £100 monthly if I wanted to invest in just 3 of the one you mention that would be 300£ monthly. I mean ideally I would like to invest in all, is there a way to invest less? Many thanks

  2. Useful video but one crucial thing you didnt cover: stock duplication through ETFs that have a similar makeup. There will be people investing in 2-3 ETFs thinking they’re being clever whereas ultimately the stocks are duplicated in both (ie big tech).

    As for me i’m focussed on SMH which is a major semiconductor fund covering 25+ of the biggest semis companies, but i still want to find one more specialist ETF for either EV cars, or robotics & automation, or hydrogen/lithium, and i also want to find 2-3 more generic funds for the USA and rest of the world. I’m thinking about VUSA, VTI, VMID/VUKE etc

  3. Great video again. With the minimum payments, does that mean if you pay the one off £500 that you don’t need to then pay a minimum of £100 a month after that and can invest whatever amount you wish to there after?

  4. A question about the minimum investments. I see alot that it says either £500 lump sum or £100 each month.

    Is this per investment or per account?

    For example if I invest £500 lump sum in Vanguard FTSE developed world ex-UK am I then free to invest any amount I want (within £20k limit if doing ISA) in another investment, say the FTSE all world UCITS ETF?

    Or would the same minimum apply, would I have to do the £500 lump sum or £100 each month on the second investment?

  5. Thank you for this Ken. I haven't invested before and just wanted some clarification. After an initial investment of say £500 how much should one invest on a monthly basis thereafter? Thank you.

  6. Hi Ken. After following great investment channels such as yours and reading a number of investment books, I've just opened my own Vanguard account and started my first ongoing investment in an index fund! Thank you for the great content you and your beautiful wife make, keep it up!

  7. Hi i can, i can see the cost of 1 share is circa £481, but if i invest £100 every month do i buy portions of a share or does the money pool till there is enough to buy one. Thanks

  8. Hi, Nice video. I have a question. Can I invest in three of the ISA at the same time i.e my stocks and shares ISA and Help to Buy ISA and open VANGUARD ETFs in the same tax year (as long as all the three investments don't exceed a total of 20k)? Thanks.

  9. Great information as usual, for those of us who already have a retirement and accumulation funds but need an additional monthly income I would really appreciate a video regarding the best dividend funds 21/22. I have been investing on the FTSE All WORLD yield units ETF( VH YL), but seeing increasing number of videos saying its not good for monthly income.

    Furthermore, investing on life strategy 80% for my 11 year old. Good fund?

    I would truly appreciate your reply.


  10. Excellent information as always. For those of us who already have accumulation funds but need to have an additional monthly income could you do a video regarding the best funds that pay highest monthly dividend 2021/2?

    thank you in advance

  11. S&P 500 on Vanguard for me and the FTSE developed world. Not sure about having any allocation to bonds at the moment in anyone’s portfolio particularly those 10 plus years from retirement they’re offering nothing at the moment certainly won’t keep up with inflation appreciating I’m commenting 5 months late! Thanks

  12. I invested a week ago in the Vanguard all world FTSE distributing version. I also plan to have it for my pension/daughter fund 🙂 I'm 35 and this alongside Apple, Facebook and Tesla is my very first investment.
    I should have started earlier but we'll see…:) Thanks for your awesome videos!

  13. Hi, Whats the UK equivalent to US VTSAX. you did not include Fidelity. Which is the best and cheapest platform to buy index funds like VTI/FZROX/VTSAX/ , VQNPX, FNILX, VFIAX, SAHWAB, FZILX etc if I invest lump sum for long time. Which one is best ETFs or Index Funds. Please tell me which are the UK equivalent versions to these US funds. Thanks

  14. Help! I wanted to open a vanguard account to put in £2k but not anything else
    What account should I open please? I noticed there were a few options i don't know which would be best

  15. Hi Ken, just a question please, I'm planning to open a Vanguard account but do you have to open an ISA account in Vanguard in order to start investing? Because I currently have a Help to Buy ISA with my bank account in HSBC and thats ongoing and im planning to mortgage a house this year. I heard that you can't have two ISA accounts in the same tax year? So I'm so confused. Please HELP.

  16. What do you think of VUSA? And if you do like it would you hold it along side VWRL? Final question are you a fan of the dividend ETFs? Thank you for your help!

  17. Excellent video. I wish this type of financial education was taught in school. I have 3 x Vanguard Index funds. US Equity (28%), Developed World Ex UK (36%) and Emerging Markets (36%). I am thinking of adding the Global Index Fund to be more diverse. What is your opinion?

  18. Great breakdown Ken. Your super simply investing course set me up on my investing journey. What are the true implications of investing in the US equity index fund? Do you pay any additional taxes? ……..I have heard something about a 30% withholding tax.

  19. Also where specifically on the fund documents can you find if each specific vanguard fund is tracking total return index? I'm struggling to locate this information for a few funds.
    Thank you

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