[April Fools 2021] Python 4.0! New previous print, necessary static typing, StackOverflow integration

On this video we see my tackle some huge adjustments coming to Python!

Clearly that is an APRIL FOOLS JOKE (2021).
(For these unfamiliar with US traditions, yearly on April 1st, it’s conventional to unfold ridiculous or outrageous clearly false statements within the identify of excellent enjoyable.)
This video is totally satirical and Not one of the adjustments claimed have truly been said by any official Python consultant in any approach.
The web site shouldn’t be actual, I simply right-click inspected an present PEP and adjusted it regionally on my machine.

― mCoding with James Murphy (

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  1. As typing will be mandatory from python 4 and it is always a huge benifits, Can you please create a detailed video series on python typing, which also covers advanced typing as well beginner level typing?

    Your videos are so much informative.

    Awaiting your video series on typing.


  2. Best Feature would be you can instantly import solution from stackoverflow would Save about 1000 % percent time of coding and im Able to cuddle my Cat more

  3. Honestly though, bring back old prints. I have been writing Python 3 for years and still occasionally forget to put parens on simple prints. It's just so unnecessary.

  4. Honestly something that could automatically search stack overflow whenever you encounter an error may be actually useful…

  5. I think the "mandatory static typing" and "stack overflow integration" were taking it a bit too far… Mandatory static typing would be devastating to so many people, and StackOverflow integration automatically isn't possible… The sheer number of uploads would be crazy, let alone the fact that this would be leaking people's code, tokens, etc.

    Anyways, haha

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