Alex Gladstein on Why Bitcoin Matters for Freedom

On this episode, I speak with Alex Gladstein, Chief Technique Officer at The Human Rights Basis. We focus on how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies enhance freedom underneath authoritarian regimes and the way Dem Tech might result in a wave of funding in crypto.


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“A number of the dismissals, criticisms and assaults on Bitcoin come from individuals who have the luxurious of getting a steady monetary system.”
— Alex Gladstein

Interview location: Skype
Interview date: Thursday sixth Dec, 2021
Firm: Human Rights Basis
Function: Chief Technique Officer

All too usually worth dominates the dialogue with Bitcoin: an ETF approval shall be nice for the value, we want establishments, when is the subsequent bull run? Additionally, naysayers criticise Bitcoin when the value crashes, calling it a speculative asset with no utility. Is worth a distraction from the potential for Bitcoin?

Proper now the use case for Bitcoin is proscribed for these within the developed world. Certain it’s enjoyable to ship Bitcoin, maybe it’s simpler than utilizing a financial institution for sending worth to somebody out of the country, however worth volatility limits the use case for funds. Within the developed world, holding Bitcoin will profit most if it does change into a globally recognised, accepted and used as a type for cash. Proper now, some would argue probably the most vital alternative is within the developed world or with these dwelling in both authoritarian international locations or underneath governments with poor fiscal insurance policies.

An everyday criticism of fiat is the flexibility for governments to print cash on demand, resulting in inflation and a discount within the worth of the native forex. This has been seen most evidently with the failed socialist insurance policies of two successive Venezuelan presidents.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a possibility for individuals dwelling underneath these regimes to create and shield worth, and commerce whereas lowering their publicity to the dangers of their home forex.

Different use circumstances exist, from Bitcoin getting used to pay ladies unable to get financial institution accounts in Afghanistan to corporations utilizing Bitcoin to transact exterior of capital controls. The frequent theme is that cryptocurrencies provide freedom from guidelines, whether or not these are state or legacy processes.

On this interview, I speak about why Bitcoin issues for Freedom with Alex Gladstein, Chief Technique Officer on the Human Rights Basis. We focus on what elementary human rights are misplaced underneath authoritarian regimes, how Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies enhance freedom and the way Dem Tech (Democracy Tech) might result in a wave of funding in cryptocurrencies.


00.03.59: Intro and welcome
00.04.40: Background to The Human Rights Basis
00.09.49: Romantic fantasies with Cuba
00.12.25: Similarities and variations between Cuba and Venezuela
00.18.56: What individuals don’t perceive about dwelling underneath authoritarian regimes
00.21.46: Surveillance centralised state v decentralised alternate options
00.25.43: How blockchains are utilized by governments for surveillance
00.30.57: US authorities sanctions towards Bitcoin addresses
00.33.47: Bitcoin privateness
00.41.07: How cryptocurrencies are being utilized in authoritarian regimes
00.47.12: What’s holding again adoption of cryptocurrencies
00.54.14: How Bitcoin removes guidelines
01.04.23: Arguments towards mass surveillance
01.05.57: Alternatives with Dem Tech
01.10.10: What provides Alex hope
01.12.35: Ideas on the North Korean blockchain conf

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  1. Alex Gladstein thinks he's noble for being the CSO of the HRF but in fact he is just another Inequality Preacher. The only version that he has of socialist countries is the one that the billionaire's corporate midia feeds the masses in America (a midia that never allows the other side to defend itself from the propaganda accusations). He only speaks of his Venezuelan friends pro capitalism and never mentions any other person that is pro socialism in Venezuela. They are not invisible, Alex! They are millions and millions that you pretend that don't exist! He is only interested in emotional stories that confirm his bias. He never mentions the effect of sanctions that the US imposes on countries that adopt socialist policies and its consequences on the lives of millions of innocent people. More people (specially the poor) lost money with cryptocurrencies than the very few that took advantagem of them. I've read so many stories of people being scammed and the bitcoin millionaires don't give a shit to these poor people who made mistakes. Many of these people from poor countries fell for theses scams because they were desperatly trying to find a way to improve their lives. That's the plain reality: at the moment, cryptocurrencies are not making much difference in the lives of the poor. Bitcoin has its merits to protect people against the US tirany of the dollar. For those who don't know (most bitcoiners express strong prejudice), Petro right now can be used to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash and vice-versa! Maduro is the first president in the world to have the balls to start a crypto economy and just because most Bitcoiners are Austrian economic fanatics, they pretend that nothing is happpening there. They only attack and show little consideration with the hundreds of Venezuelan developers that are making such a change in the country's economy come true. It's quite interesting to see the lack of interest of people like Alex in the changes that are made in the Venezuelan economy or his lack of knowledge of what is going on there. Maybe he is a Guaidó supporter, a guy that came out of nothing and thought that he could steal the presidency from the Venezuelan people. The US has 800 (probably even more now) military bases around the world. All the other countries combined have 30. Alex wants people to believe that Maduro is a dictator, not the two party system that controls the American people (most Americans work in jobs that pay very badly and in a country with a government that don't care about its citizen's health and also obliges students to live in debt). A country that builds a wall (and people like Alex will only speak about the Berlin wall, never the US wall, or the wall in Gaza). The only country that used an atomic bomb and killed thousands of innocent civilians in Japan (and never were condemned for this horrible crime). It is so sad to see 'activists' like Gladstein working hard to spread 'freedom'. He really doesn't understand that in the whole world a minority concentrates the wealth making billions suffer to sustain this evil system that favours only a minority. He should give himself a chance to see the world differently and stop living in his imaginary world of freedom (according to the US interests). Alex doesn't realize that he's nothing more that a puppet in this system, working to guarantee that the concentration of wealth be in the hands of the few, even when he thinks that he's helping to make a better world with his anti-socialist ideology of activism. The good thing that is happenning now is that the poor are awakenig and starting to push for equality. Enough of imperialists bulshit! Whatever you think of my opinion here, it doesn't matter. Capitalism only creates inequality and the poor will stop this cruel and crazy system that dominates the world. There are bitcoiners that incentivate hodling. There are bitcoiners that not only hodl and educate: there are bitcoiners that hodl, educate and share to those in need or to those who are less favoured. Your foundation is doing a deservice to the world and you will never understand this because in your mind the capitalism means freedom: the powerful laugh and thank you for that. They will always say to you: "Keep Up the Good Work, Alex! You're a hero!"

  2. I’m worried about leftist authoritarians. I find it funny how leftists don’t see themselves as authoritarian as they shut down media they don’t agree with. They successfully pressure payment platforms like MasterCard and PayPal to shut down conservative businesses.

  3. How does this guy feel about Silicon Valley deplatforming free speech advocates in the west. Conservatives being banned on Twitter and Facebook and youtube. They’ve also been silencing conservative media for telling the truth and calling out the corporate media for lying.

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