Aleks Svetski, Founder of Amber: Why The Bitcoin Price Is Wrong

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Aleks Svetski is the founding father of Amber. On this dialog, Aleks and Anthony Pompliano focus on Bitcoin maximalism, the illiberal minority, why Bitcoin’s group is so essential, how traders ought to view the asset, and why the world hasn’t priced Bitcoin correctly but.

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  1. Its not that bitcoin isnt a good system. You need to convince everyone is the problem, even the ones who are doing really well in the current system and hold all the power…

  2. I have listened to Bitcoin Maximalist before, but never to a Bitcoin Supremacist. If his beliefs, along with Pomps' come to pass it would benefit the common man, I believe. But there are so many forces, with power, in the world that would not want to see that happen. The business model behind Amber is intriguing. Hopefully, Mr. Svetski is successful in Europe and then the USA.

  3. As someone who is a body builder who has been vegan and tracked the entire thing on my YouTube channel, his flippant attitude and claims about the diet are lazy. I would bet good money that he didn't track what he ate and make sure he was getting adequate macro/micronutrients. You can't just flip a switch and know how to eat vegan… You need to retrain yourself on how to cook/shop/prep your meals. The thing about his bench press falling from 220 to 120 is laughable and clearly an exaggeration from someone who chose to make excuses. Sorry but I couldn't hear him talk anymore after that started the pod off on the wrong foot. Keep doing your think pomp!

  4. While I agree that the appeal of Bitcoin is its counter-fiat monetary policy, a numerical representation of value is only a rudimentary application of blockchain, not its first and final. If Aleks really wanted a world that doesn't resemble 1984, he wouldn't be so quick to lump all projects outside of BItcoin as irrelevant. The problem runs deeper than mere control of money, and includes control of data and the archaic internet infrastructure we've built the world upon.

  5. It’s decentralized until the FBI can grab it (they can) and WALL Street can and will rehypotheticate it (inflate it – make it less worthless). Sadly, a good thing – BTC- will go the way of seashells. Invest in it, but don’t be one of the last suckers holding the bag. I guarantee you, Pomp and his team won’t be one of the last holding bags. They’ll be looking for suckers like you to sell to at higher prices. Lol.

  6. The Bitcoin price is currently wrong for many reasons!! My favorites being:

    1) Millions of BTC were lost in the early days (likely 5-6million coins)
    2) There are only 620k address' with between 1-10BTC
    3) Institutions have been buying BTC in BULK and a huge portion of those buys have been OTC (therefore, not affecting the exchange rates)
    4) Soon, EVERYONE will be trying to get as much BTC as possible. In other words, the ultra wealthy will gobble up much of the supply of BTC and the masses will end up trying to gobble up the satoshis that are left over… having a fixed supply matched with being deflationary = VALUE PRODUCING ASSET that EVERYONE will want.

    Hodl on

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