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Hasan Minhaj breaks down the historical past of affirmative motion, its affect on his expertise with the trendy schooling system, and the way a latest lawsuit towards Harvard that would go to the Supreme Courtroom may change it eternally.

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Affirmative Action | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

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  1. so a decent script, an above average production and delivery can get this many people believe in what you are saying lol. You danced around the subject but fail to address the core issue.
    Why is race should be in ANY consideration for ANY admission whether it is university admission, sport admission, jobs admission, etc.? Merits and qualifications should be all that matter. We should create equal opportunity to compete not equality of outcome in the result so that you can look good for the public. And if you are saying minority races have less opportunities then you should investigate how an asian immigrant family can have kids with higher than score in all tests and extra curricular activities than an average white family kid. The issue is we should be helping other minority to better compete not to better get in because of their race.

  2. How about we get over race and focus on actual qualifications. Affirmative action has been an excuse for minorities to keep being lazy, and keep getting ahead simply because we as a society feel like we need to cater to them. Get off your lazy ass and make a name for your people. Or keep living off the government and keep the stereotypes coming. Affirmative action most definitely needs to be taken out.

  3. The entire thing sounds ridiculous, there’s no reason a poor native from a reserve should have to go head to head with a rich white who’s family had already bought the system

  4. Can we just look at income? I feel like that is the determining factor in judging someones abilities under their circumstances, not by looking at their skin and guessing that they have it harder just because.

  5. While legacy/donation admission are both terrible system, I just can't wrap my head around the fact that "affirmative action" (Which is just racism, no extra step required) is a thing. You bring caltech number of black student : So what ? Those 9 student were part of the best, and therefor got in. In a limited number of entrance system like school, when you favor one side, you basically just deny someone else his spot, that's just mathematical. Should we set a minimum quota of white people in the NBA too then cause they're underrepresented ? That'd be ridiculous.
    Affirmative action also come with a stigma that the whole population from minorities have to bear : They'll have to ask themselves, and if they don't, everyone around them will wonder anyways : Did they got in/got the job/… because they're that good, or just because of their skin color.

  6. Such a dumb comment about how Asians don’t say anything when made fun of but die on the hill when it comes to college… which one actually affects your life. This guy is retarded. If we think we should have diversity on the per capita population level then we should force more whites on basketball teams. Because the NBA is around 75% black.

  7. man fuck this guy, yes everything made sense, but he is a face of Indian Americans in the United States and he publicly decides to go back and attack Indians. We are few in the entertainment industry and now we have all the shit we already had to deal with in the entertainment industry plus Hasan Minhaj, striking us down at the same time. What Im saying is go ahead and attack other groups of people and not back at your own people. An Indian making fun of Indians is not the same as a white person making fun of white people and that is because of the amount of representation that is out there for them then compared to the amount of representation we have for us.

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